Initial Concept Design

Initial Concept design would include the following points which will work in synergy with the investor’s vision to make the Food & Beverage outlet.

  • Site Visits
    1. Know what you can afford
    2. License Reece
    3. Keep an open mind
    4. Know your city traffic patterns
    5. Your Due Diligence
    6. Learn and benefit from other restaurants
  • Site selection based on different criteria’s.
  • Deciding on the restaurant concept
  • Traveling to different cities or countries for adaptation of concepts
  • Making an interior plan (basic) & getting a interior consultant on board
  • Budgeting
    1. Cost
    2. Sale
    3. Cost analysis & ROI Evaluation


Before opening, we will get in touch with your local authority to plan your business You will also need a specific license if you want to do the following things:


  • Pollution
  • Music
  • Health
  • Fire
  • Bar
  • Other Government Licensing

Project Implementation

Project implementation is the most crucial part while setting up the Food & beverage outlet. It will majorly involve finalizing & implementation of the following points.

  • Interior Finalization
  • Designing the Outlet
  • Complete Hiring of Consultants
    1. Interior
    2. Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer
    3. Food Consultant i.e. Chef & Team
    4. Beverage Consultant, if required
  • Kitchen Setup & Planning
  • Purchasing for furniture, upholstery, Hollowware, Glassware, Cutlery, Crockery etc.
  • Culinary Design & development.

Implementation & Training

  • Usage of Start up cost
  • Fixed and variable operating costs (Rent is fixed, Staff costs are variable)
  • Forecasted number of covers and average spend. (Best and worst case scenario)
  • Analysis of the likely gross profit on food and beverage
  • Analysis of your likely breakeven point
  • A budgeted monthly P+L and forecasted cash flow analysis.
  • Food & Beverage Menu Setup
  • Freezing on all the requirements of CCGH
  • Hiring of all staff i.e. Senior Managers to  other staff (Food & Beverage staff along with Admin, HR & accounts)
  • Setup of Stores, MMS & POS software’s.

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